Monday, March 20, 2017

Master of All Life's Successes

Here's a Motivational Truth, wait, not yet.
First, let the next 14 seconds do what ever they want. Just take a deep breathe will ya, give my words a quick moment to catch up with your brain.
...relax tho...
Today, is about all of the things You have done right lately.
No, I mean it.
I don't mean to give you any false hope.
I don't mean to sound corny, God forbid. (Although, you probably like it)
I don't mean to let you see it any other way.

Let's start with a random number. 2,000.
I picked 2,00 because that's the number of calories that are dieted for most package percentages. So now let's say that 2,000 is the number of successes one must complete daily. There is no list, no time schedule, no competition. This is good. I just want to recognize you for being successful so far today. We often focus on distant goals in life that can only be measures "if" we get there. Forget that for a second. Because in order to get there, we have to "get" from "here". And here is were we find great motivation. Every step, every bite, every small cased decision un-praised will get the shine today.

Bad weather, still made it. Mastered!
Emotional, but didn't have a nervous breakdown. Mastered!
Hungry, had to work through it. Mastered!
Rushed and didn't brush, still pressed on, wasn't late, found some gum, then some mouthwash.....MASTERED!

get me.

It's simple. Start with a small success and build upon it. Learn and practice a new small thing, daily. Like you done with the everyday task of living and you might just find that all the seemingly far reaching goals become as easy as waking up, rolling over into 25 push-ups, followed by a full drink of water and at least that's out the way, right? Oh, wait, I just do that. See. Mastered. Go keep being great!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Through Life's Journey

"Through Life's Journey "
You know... I'm always thinking about how life has an organic developing process. Life isn't as easy as grade school in the developing process. Most of the time when I talk with my peers, we come to a concluding sense that we understand those school days so much better now that we have lived beyond them. We certainly find this true when we come into contact with teens who find both dread and glory in their adolescence. Every moment from wake to sleep challenges everything about our being and teaches new lessons. In some cases we learn the portions that make life easier, more bearable, comfortable and manageable in light of our situations. And none the less we remain human; and oddly enough still find every way to relate and connect to one another, no matter the course of study.
So why all the misunderstanding?
Why are so many unable to see past categories? Why isn't anyone paying attention to the context? We've studied and referenced to history after history and still don't express the empathy that clearly shouts.
Do we examine our own journey even? Is it because we really don't have clear understandings of our own roots? This blending of generations, existing in a peculiar time, where a matter of meters separate colors, classes and cases. The training is different. It just lacks basic life skills and courtesy. And to think we all want better communication, relationships and finances. We've got a ways to go. Just don't stop working at it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

FourWordm tip #1

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

FMF: Knowledge is Power, Just not Yours...

Hey There World,

Glad to see you again in the written form. I love you for real. So I'm asking real questions, speaking real thoughts, thinking critically with the very small amount of information I've acquired over time. So... Alright then.

"Knowledge is Power" - I remember hearing that somewhere at an early age. At some point in time we all may have experienced the self image of OPO (Odd Person Out). For whatever reason, may it be, how smart you are or how tall you are, where you come from, what you wear, how you speak, your width, color, freckles, hair, smile, feet or family. You might've been well of or come from a wealthy or highly educated family, so, what? We're all people right? All have feeling? All want some love and security, right? Ok. glad we got all of the commonalities out. For me it was not knowing something.

I don't remember the first time I was told "You don't know". But I remember hating the feeling. I wanted to know everything. If you won't speak, I will. If you don't tell me, I'll find out anyway. There we're hundred of ways to piece together information about anything or anyone if one would just take a moment to put the pieces in their proper place.

It didn't matter if anyone knew that I knew what I knew... or how much.
But One thing that I understood. Knowing is much better than not knowing. It's within us, just ask to show a child how to do something "right"... "No, I can do it/ I know how to do it/ please let me do it"... Nothing wrong with ambition... I applaud you tenacious children. I love you.

But some of us in the world have not learned or let go of this bad habit. Receiving instruction. But, "knowledge is power"... yea. If it is actually knowledge of true form. I'm sorry that sounds so proper, it's not how I talk normally, I don't think anyway. Probably why this all sound like gibberjab. Ok, Lets zero in then.

We live in an information age right. So I've been told. But information is not knowledge. Stick with me. Knowledge is the sum of what can be known. For us, we narrow that down to a series of topics. But knowledge vs mere information does us no go. What POWER is there is constantly regurgitating information that has already past. It's all the feelings and opinions that separate the two. It's seems that we have fallen out of place when it comes to applying knowledge that moves things. Gives those causes legs, awareness, education, stability. It is the knowledge, the sum of what can or needs to be known, the know how, so you can do, can be, can stand, can resist or assist. KNOWLEDGE is Power.

But we like information. Too much information, you're getting lost in your feelings, reacting and not responding. Whining and complaining. I tell you what, Start meeting together for real. Behind some closed doors. Peacefully, lawfully, tactfully, preparing to present or make way. Be quiet. Be organized. Be ready. Too much information is still chaos. Don't confuse free speech with venting opinions, passing mere information, and getting your two cents in. Use knowledge. All these feelings keeping the masses in a frenzy of endless information, all trying to catch up and keep up with each other. It's a distraction. Because those with the knowledge, do. And while they're doing, all you find out is the information. Alot of people are walking around with computers in there pockets and purses and won't use them well. Knowledge is power, just not yours... so get it together.

The whole idea behind "knowledge is power"
is that ignorance "is not" bliss.
When you know better, you can make a better way.

FourWord Motion Friday_Living to be Known.

Friday, January 13, 2017

FMF: FourWord Motion with Beleif

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Friday, January 6, 2017

FourWord Motion Friday - Living to be Known #1

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Living to be Known: Fourword Motion Friday 2017's Looking Real Good

Thank you for all the love this year. i love you all. next year we'll continue with Fourword Motion. Everyday, Live to be Known!