Monday, May 23, 2016

Valet Del Roy - My Way Back (Official Video)

First Music Video... My Way Back
Valet Del Roy :

A/E work done by: Mixed Waves Lab

Video work done by: Shine Films



Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Valet Del Roy - Everything She's Got (Prod. Michael Cancel)

A song because it's Mother gave birth to me today Day. OCHO DE MAYO the only international holiday on the planet. Which is awesome. So here is a song and some old pictures from a day with mom and lil sis at the beach in San Diego.     

Friday, May 6, 2016

Living to be Known: Are You Living to be Known #18 (follow up blog)

Hello World,

You are amazing, you are great, you are going to make it, life is a blessing, you never will know what will come of your struggles until the end of them. I just want to encourage you to have a great day. 

We are 18 weeks into the year. That time means nothing to this post. Today's post is a steady reminder that we should examine ourselves daily. Just as much as I ask others, I ask myself: How are you/am I living to be known? 

This is just too important to not ask. Knowing your own story, assessing your struggles and victories, managing relationships and time, habits, knowledge and all that you can. 

To truly live we need to be engaged in the world around us, no matter how small or big. Just as we watch other, others watch us. 

So be confident for yourself and others. We examine others and move according to how we know them. They do the same towards us. 

So, determine to be the best. Determine to believe, known, and do to the greatest of your ability. Be known for never faltering. Love more, and be known for it. 

I love yall. 

Go make it happen!