Saturday, April 23, 2016

Living to be Known: Knowing the Way to What You Want (follow-up blog post)

Hello World, Shout Out to YOU!

Thank You for the small amount of time and space. I see you all and I love yall. I mean it.

So this past Monday, I talked about knowing the way to what you want. Before now it's been a self soothing first quarter of the year. Mostly because everything I've talked about has been very thought full. Thinking about what we believe, how we see and understand ourselves and each other. Thinking about what we want, reality and perception, assumptions and what we know versus what we think. Yep, it's been full of thoughts. But when I think about the way, to attain, the things I want, I start hesitating. Does anyone relate? I'll try to explain.

The simple things  of life I feel I've got covered. When I want to eat, I feed myself. When I want to feel fresh, I wash. When I want to watch a movie, I go. And when I want to go to sleep, everything fights against it, haha lol. Such is life, right? Those wants are covered.

What about that job I've always wanted though? What if I want more passion for something in life? What if I want to own a business? Travel? Publish? Act?

What if I just want to maintain? Survive? Love? Learn? Teach?
What if I want meaning? or peace? or more laughs?
What if I want a jetski or a small boat darnit! <<(rated pg)

A bunch of kids and a crazy life with a wife that won't tell me what to do, but will cook, because I don't tell her what to do and... well you get it.

In my video I said that Kids have it the best when it comes to knowing what they want, because they don't know as much and they can make it up. If a kid wants to be a dinosaur, RAAWWR!!!. That's it, it's been done. I like that about kids. But, if an adult wants to be a dinosaur, like for real, then it isn't the same. I'm sure you understand.

I don't want to be happy. It's not a goal of mine. Happy is not a noun, it's a result. I just made that up, but I'm willing to run on it. I don't want superhero strength, to be any taller, nor do I want to fall in love. These cannot be attained through my own efforts. So they are not included in my conversation.

So what then? Right?
You, want to know, the way, to what you want. And so do I.

What's this all have to do with Living to be Known? Everything! Which one of us want to be known for not knowing the way to what we want? You don't have to comment, stand up or raise your hand.

I'll start at belief.

A reason you might want to know the way, is because you believe that thing is attainable. You know that because you may have seen it done before. If you have not, you might believe it can be done, and now you need to just find a way. Belief can do you good here. We all believe some things, about some things. If you believe there's a way, as far as it has to do with you, then go. If you believe there's a way, that's all you need to find out.

Now, we only know as much as we know. Which obviously isn't enough. And that's nothing to fret about. Knowledge is necessary. Say that a few times. Humans have lived on the earth for thousands of years. And although we don't always get it right, we're still living. So I bet if the thing you want has been done before, that you can find out who did it, how, and maybe even why. Remember what school guidance counselors are for? To help tell, show and lead you in the direction of things you do not know, exploring and making options clear to us, so that we can succeed. I never went to my counselors, but there is a benefit right. Even then there's probably a book on it, google it, youtube it, ask someone. The whole point is that belief and knowledge go together. There is a way, our job is to find it and do it.

So how are things? We all practice some stuff. Sometimes the things we practice may be in the way of what we want. Can't be healthy with bad health practices. You want a job? Have you been practicing filling out applications? Getting places on time? have a good attitude? Are you doing that repeatedly. Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes better.

The relationships you build and have with people are key. Don't overlook how instrumental mentors are. Don't be afraid to ask for help or even be denied help. Keep people around you that encourage you and cheer you on, that challenge and cultivate a healthy friendship, family or business relationships. You'll find that along the way you'll meet some who have gone your direction and others who have not. As you get older, your role in how you help another becomes key too.

Please let what you need be known. If you don't communicate how will anyone know. Your are not invisible. In the same way that we write books, make songs, record on video, call, text and whatever to communicate to the next person, you must find a way also.

Listen, there's no quick way to a million. But there are plenty of ways to get there. I'm working on finding some ways myself. Don't be fooled, keys to money are no secret. But there is a big misconception that when it comes to wanting money. We all understand that we need money. We, even if not admitted, probably all would like more money. But I've witnessed that although money may change ones standard of living, it actually is not a major factor to the quality of life one experiences. Just a thought.

What do you think? I can't tell you a universal way to what you want other than to get after it. We all have to go through it. That's why I cannot tell you how to "get" what you want. I don't know that. I just know that there may be a way. Now, if that sounds boring then I'm sorry. At least you can't say you don't have anything to do in life. haha. I love yall.

New audio track coming monday along with another Living to be Known video.. Im excited. Song is called "don't do it". hip-hop yall. gotta do it. AHA!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Living to be Known: Knowing the Way to What You Want - 4WORDS Monday #16

Knowing what we want is one thing. Knowing the way to what we want is just as important. #livingtobeknown #4WORDSMonday

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Living to be Known: Reality and Perception (follow-up blog)

Hello again all you lovely people in the World.

This past Monday I talked about perception and reality. Now, I have heard people say, "perception is reality." I do not agree.

Perception "OF" reality and the "reality" may be taking place at the same time but the two cannot be the same thing. I keep thinking this, stewing over it, rejecting it, picking it back up, throwing it and stomping on it... because that's what I believe. And I don't mind being wrong if tomorrow or some other day some lovely person out there in the world corrects me. That would take some convincing but I'd take it.

So perception: A judgment resulting from awareness or understanding.

I like that definition so I'm going to use it.
Everyday we make judgments about things and people that are based in the moment of our encounters. For example: cars that speed in traffic. The one who is speeding may perceive that there is empty space that no one else is taking advantage of, and that they'll use it to get to where they need to go faster. While the other drivers perceive an impatient and risky driver who needs to relax, because they are in traffic.

In that moment each witness is making a judgment based on or resulting from there awareness of the situation and/or their understanding of it. I hope that is a simple picture. And I would guess that everyday we do that from one side or the other hundreds of times. "We", being the one who perceive, are all perceiving the "Same" reality. That being the moment and very thing that is taking place.

So about Reality: Something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exist necessarily. Or the short definition: What actually is.

Reality, my friends, cannot be tainted. Because it just is.
The same way we know ourselves "we are" or "we exist" at its basic level, we also see that reality "is". I know my grammer(lol) ain't proper please cut me some slack. Or don't. Because the reality is that I'm still gone write this the way I want, no matter how you perceive it. But I should also say that I desire to present this reality in a way that when you perceive it, you won't have to question it, and that what I present is the closest thing to the same as it can be.

And this is the importance of things as I'm thinking through this right now.

Each one of us and what we do is a reality. Present and past. The reason doesn't necessarily have to matter. The questions about the reality don't always lead to clear answers. We perceive ourselves wrong just as much as we do others. The perception is not the reality although reality is being perceived.

Belief: Believing in a lie doesn't make that lie true. Even if you say "it was true for me in that moment.".... Actually, it was a lie, in reality you believed a lie that was not true, that is the truth.

In the same way we may believe some things we perceived as true. The reality may be different.

Knowledge: Knowing the difference between the two is crucial. When people don't know you and perceive you as what you're not, what do you do? You try to correct it so that they "know" who you are right?

In the same way, we should want to know the reality of a person or thing. Not just how we perceive it. You might not always be wrong or right, but at the least you'll know.

Practice: What you do is reality. And people perceive that. So in everything that you do, be mindful of it. Remember that every one's practice or habits are reasonable in their own mind. Yet, how it is perceived by another is not always so.

Relationships: How do you perceive the relationship you have with a parent, a friend, a teacher,  a boss, an object or anything for that matter. A lot of broken relationships come from misunderstanding and false perceptions of the reality. Please my peoples, manage your relationships well.

Among many friends and family lie the perception that things are fine, and in the reality things are not. And we don't always see it clearly, we don't always get the truth. But we should care enough to be sure right.

Communication: We don't always grasp what another person is expressing fully. We don't ask enough questions, we give to much information in answers, we lie, we twist, we ignore, and we smother. We communicate all the time. Not always in the right way, not always in the right time. But we all perceive each other from different places. Don't be afraid to over communicate for the sake of the truth. Appreciate someones effort to communicate. We don't have to yell, but we do have to talk. If nothing else, write it down.

Finance: The poor perceives the rich and the rich perceives the poor and the middle class perceives both and the world perceives them all.

And still they all have similar problems: people die, people lie, people steal, people laugh, people want, people care, people don't, and people will and people wont...... No matter which bracket you fall in. We're all more similar than we think.

Anywho, I know that was long, and my grammar was bad, and it might not have made sense, but that's ok. I'm glad you were able to struggle through this with me. Help me get better. What do you think?

I love Y'all.

Monday is....TOMORROW!!! hahaha wow that's crazy. next topic then....? (Knowing the Way to What You Want)....see you tomorrow i guess.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Valet Del Roy - The Alls

Quick Hip-Hop Track over some video with a few Black Sheep.

Living to be Known: Reality and Perception - 4WORDS Monday #15

Some thoughts about perception and reality... you can listen while you wash dishes, clean, drive or now... love yall thanks.. #livingtobeknown #4WORDSMonday