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Living to be Known: Finding You Niche in the World of Everything - FourW...

Your place in the world is where?




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Valet Del Roy - They All Got Away

There's always a few that get away... back in the day.

#theyallgotaway #nohardfeelings




Living to be Known: Fundamental Differences - Fourword Monday's #29

Once we acknowledge that we have fundamental differences... Then we can move Fourwords. Blog: website: soundcloud:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How Are Your Relationships? Look Deeper (Follow-Up Post)

When I ask: How are your relationships; who or what do you think of?
Is it your family, friends or romantic partners?
Is it co-workers, clients, supporters or strangers(fans/followers)?
It it your pet(s)?
Your Technology?
Your Books?
Or do you join the millions of people around the world who might secretly feel and softly say, "what relationships? I'm alone out here." 

Well I have the GREATEST NEWS! 


You're just like me. Or is it that I'm just like you? 
"Ha! What do you know about me?"... did I just read your mind? 

So since we have that out of the way, I have so much to say. But I'll try to keep it short.

First, I Love You. and Thank You for reading...

Okay, google search relationship and you'll find: "the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected." (google, lol)

So listen, whether you believe it or not, your relationships have had more impact on your life than anything else in this world. From the moment you were birthed and breathed that good ole Oxygen, the people, community, region and your place in this world of relations have influenced, shaped and helped you, yes you to become you. Whether you like it or not.

Now that we have the generic out of the way. Let's go deeper.

Let's talk about Living to be Known.

BELIEF: What is the basis of your relationships and what do they/it mean to you?
i.e. - My family is most important/ I can't live without my phone/ I don't trust men etc. etc.

What you believe about someone or something comes from experience and is personally catered by you for your benefit according to your logic. Might be true, might not be, but you believe it. And with that you place them/it in a relational category. The things you like, dislike, and ignore all bear their weight and have their affects. I know I don't always see them, sometimes I don't want to, sometimes I over-think it.

KNOWLEDGE: How much do you know them/it and how well do they/it know you? How much time has been invested?
i.e. - I talk to _ everyday/I know my friend like i know myself/I don't like to talk about my personal life etc. etc.

Why are some relationships closer than others? Do know or at least feel like you know the people closer to you better than others? Or maybe that's the reason some relationships are strained. We know and have experienced too much or enough that once it informs our belief, or lack of, we cannot take back what we know.
"People only trust two things: What they know and what they don't know." - Valet

PRACTICE: What does any given relationship do for you? How do they make you feel? What do you do for them?
i.e. - They're honest/ I feel secure around them or it/ they're funny/ They're not dependable/ They Gossip etc. etc.

We like to be around people we share similarities with. The myth that opposites attract more so has to do with what you have in common rather than what you don't. The Value that you believe or know someone brings, or doesn't, and how you see them/it will directly affect your actions around or towards them. For many perception is reality, but what is done cannot be undone, only understood.

RELATIONSHIP: Where/what is your place in my life? what/where is my place in your life?
i.e. - He's more than a friend, he's my brother/ She's like my second mom/ I just say "hi" in passing/ we play sport once a week etc. etc.

The World is becoming a more diverse place everyday. From the beloved royal to the orphaned beggar we've all been given a label and a place. Yet and still we chose. We have given labels to each other according to who we are or have become to one another. Learning to manage our relationships is one of the most important things we can do. Who we spend our time with and the influence that comes with it should be as important to us as our own lives. Your bartender, coach, parent, friend, bus drives and food server all are someone to us.

COMMUNICATION: How you speak, how you act, when you do it, how you do it, how well we listen. These things all mean something to someone else. This is probably the hardest for people.
i.e. - I don't like they're tone/ I feel uncomfortable around ?/ You talk too fast/ why won't you look me in the eye etc. etc.

Communication is two sided. One must send and the other receive. Even if the messages aren't clear. We learn to communicate from what we see, hear and other surrounding factors. We sometimes pick -up habits, phrases, and accents without recognizing it. How we express joy, anger, frustration, attraction, and how we deal with different issues in life are all connected to our relationships and how we communicate in them.

FINANCE: How do you spend? How do you save? Do you invest? Who have you learned from? Does your money work for you or do you work for it?
i.e. - Poor people always.../ Rich people are like.../ You don't look like you have money etc. etc.
How much money you have, what you do with it, credit, assets, risk, debt, earnings, expenses, wages, taxes etc. etc.

Why don't we often see the wealthy visiting areas of those in poverty? Why do those with different opportunity and resources act, speak and understand the things of life differently? It's because finances make a difference. Understanding money and how it works in the world we live in is important. What decisions do good money managers make versus bad money managers? Why is it important to know what 1 million is worth? Why is it important to understand monetary value, what it does to the brain and the affects that it can have on you and those around you? Why isn't the neighborhood park clean? Why are there no grocery stores where you live?

Essentially, Relationships are important. And you have relationships with things and people you probably have not recognized you do. The truth is that if it is connected to you or you to it, that it's a relationship.

I just want you to love them. Value them. See them be all that you hope and help you along the way as you help me. We're in this together. I love yall.

Let me know what you think.

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I Am Now adding more music to Soundcloud!

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Living to be Known: How are your Relationships? FourWord Monday #28

A simple, yet deeper look into ourselves and others. How understanding are you?